Welcome to LionHeart

We make the extraordinary seem ordinary!
LionHeart believes that it takes more than words to be different to be able to change the world; we need to Challenge the Status Quo, Truly Love all people, take action not just words, bring joy by being different, inspire by setting an example, have fun and be fun.

LionHeart is divided into 4 different companies / departments:

* LionHeart 3D - Documenting built heritage using the latest equipment and software from 3D Laser Scanning to Photogrammetry.

* LionHeart Team - Creating the most inspiring Leadership and Teambuilding Workshops

* LionHeart Train - Training employees and companies on the most important soft skills to run a successful business.

* LionHeart Sales - Sales Academy focused on one mission - Provide sales training for new and existing sales professionals in specific verticals like insurance, telecom, automotive, travel, software, retail, etc...
LionHeart3D's vision is to create a 3D Virtual Museum of the world starting from the Middle East

LionHeart Team's vision is to inspire people to live the lives they are meant to lead by doing things beyond their wildest dreams as a team

LionHeart Train's vision is to develop the required soft skills to change Palestine to the better

LionHeart Sales's vision is to create a sales force that respects and honors customers, with the highest loyality to the company
LionHeart3D has the latest most innovative equipment and software allowing it to create the most amazing engineering drawings and virtual reality environments.

LionHeart Team / Train uses the latest techniques in training through simple methodology of Experiantal learning "Learning by doing".

LionHeart Sales - Sales Academy has created customized programs suiting every industry, while using the finest instructors to deliver results.

LionHeart3D Recent work

Here is a list of our most recent 3D Laser Scanning projects in the Middle East.

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