Economic Development Services

Empowering Municipalities
Organizing, enhancing, and developing activities for the local governance authority, monitoring, supporting, and promoting these activities; to enhance competitiveness and creativity in comprehensive and sustainable local development in cooperation with our local and international partners with transparency and mutual respect, and relying on qualified national cadres and highly efficient technical systems.

Economic situation analysis includes providing analyses and assessments of the economic situation in the regions, including the opportunities and challenges facing economic development.

Development of strategic planning: Providing support in setting local and regional economic strategies and plans, identifying priorities and projects that should be focused on to enhance development.

Administrative and logistical services: Building internal systems and restructuring institutions to achieve efficiency and effectiveness within local institutions.

Training and job creation: Includes providing support in skill development across various fields and creating job opportunities for young people to enhance independence and improve the standard of living.

After identifying top priority projects, work is done to formulate project proposals in an appropriate manner that suits the donors´┐Ż orientations and programs.

The support includes attracting investments, encouraging the establishment of small and medium-sized enterprises, and building partnerships between the private and public sectors.

Building a strong network of relationships between local authorities and local and international donors.

Marketing and promotion of cities: through signing partnerships with international institutions and bodies that support local institutions.