Jerusalem Pharmaceuticals Company

The workshop with Sam exceeded my expectations. He has a contagious high positive energy. He is a real professional with such a positive attitude that you look forward to each and every session with him. He is highly skilled and creative in motivating employees to perform at optimum levels. He has a blend of educational and professional background that provides the foundation of expertise. It has been a fantastic experience focusing on the topic with professionalism, being able to change the attitude of participants. Our team appreciated the opportunity to participate in his sessions, since it really gave deep impressions on many levels.

Iyad Masrouji, President

World Health Organization of the United Nations (UN WHO)

We hired LionHeart for a small team building event but what we got in return is much more than we expected. They worked with us diligently to plan the event and hosted us for 2 days of full activities to inspire our people and team. The experiential learning activities were exceptional and provoked many emotions. Our team finished the retreat on a new high note, and this new energy was presented back to us in the work they are doing every day. We are so extremely happy to have hired LionHeart and recommend them to any organization looking to build a strong team and provoke leadership from within.

Maarten Kockelkoren, Administrative & Finance Officer,WHO for West Bank & Gaza,


We started working with LionHeart in 2008 and we have been extremely happy ever since. LionHeart is a key partner focused on results. The company focuses on touching people in a unique blend of coaching and training that transcends all of our expectations. We have seen measurable growth in sales due to this partnership. The ROI has been documented in many people from 37% growth to 187%. These numbers speak for themselves. We are fortunate to have LionHeart as an integral partner to Aletisalat Academy and the Paltel Group.

Khalid Al Zeri

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UN FAO)

LionHeart has given us a great retreat. We are very happy with the outcome and follow up they have done. We would recommend them to anyone wishing to have an unique experience.

Cyril Ferrand, FAO Senior Emergency and Rehabilitation Coordinator, West Bank and Gaza Strip